Welcome to CNCHSRS

Jaime Ramsey has been beading since she was a teenager, when a good friend showed her the basics and she fell in love with the craft.  She spent many hours in her grandmothers sewing room as a child and that's where many custom shirts and even custom jeans came to life.  
 CNCHSRS  (Can Chasers, slang for barrel racer) was established in 2012 to  share her pieces of work with fellow barrel racers. She started out with custom beaded horse tack, then moving into leather work, then focusing on one of a kind custom purses. She continued to make shirts to "chase cans" in for herself, but once her daughter started competing she focused on a very large collection of shirts for her.  Madison shares the same love  of beadwork and sequined shirts. she has been doing beadwork since she was little, but has found making shirts is what she enjoys the most.  Madison joined  CNCHSRS in 2020 making some gorgeous competition shirts. They hope their one of a kind pieces bring as much luck and enjoyment to you as they have making them.